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What sorts of companies get the best value out of email communications?
Just about any organisation that values its relationships with clients, customers and stakeholders. Used correctly, email newsletters are a great way to build trust and add depth to relationships. With Jetmail Pro, all the fiddly but important factors such as design and campaign management are professionally handled – leaving you free to come up with great offers and eye-catching articles your readers will value.


Why use an online solution rather than software on my own system?
It means we do the hard yards of managing the process and giving you the best possible result. We have years of experience in designing, coding and managing digital campaigns, so we know all the pitfalls (and how to avoid them). Leave us to do the difficult technical stuff, so you can concentrate on providing great content for your readers.


How reliable is the system?
Jetmail Pro runs on dedicated servers with a robust level of security. Data is backed up everyday and there’s a high degree of redundancy in case of outages.


How do you steer clear of spam filters?
Jetmail Pro is designed to help you create high quality, personalised emails to be sent to select groups. It’s also optimised to avoid key factors that signal ‘spam’ to ISPs and servers. As a backup, the tool includes unsubscribe and bounceback management, so your database is automatically cleaned and maintained to a high standard.


Can you develop and send my campaigns for me?
Yes, we can provide a marketing service to plan, write and execute your campaigns - streamlining the process for you. Ask us about our Managed Campaign service.


How do I pay for Jetmail Pro?
There’s an upfront design fee to cover creation of high-quality templates to your specifications. We will work with your design agency if necessary and create as many templates as you require. Then we simply charge a transparent monthly fee for hosting and managing the Jetmail service. You can login and use the system as much as you like – it’s that simple.


Who holds the database?
As part of the Jetmail Pro system, we will hold and manage as many databases as you require for your online customer communications. Data is held in the strictest security for you to access any time when creating campaigns. In addition, we will automatically clean unsubscribes as they occur, so you minimise the risk of sending emails to people who don’t want them.

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