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Feedback is vital. How do you know if you’re doing something right (or wrong) if the system doesn’t tell you? With Jetmail Pro you have the power to generate instant reports on all sorts of issues.

See what gets response at a glance

Let’s say you’ve sent out an email to a select database of customers who have opted-in to see your latest deals. Each article and offer in the email has its own link to your website for readers to click on and find out more. With Jetmail Pro you can see which links are grabbing attention and generating click-throughs. The results are displayed in graphical form, so it’s easy to spot the winners and losers.



Find out when and where your email is opened

You also get the tools to quickly spot patterns in email readership. Jetmail Pro generates reports that show what time your email was opened, so you can test different mailout schedules and find the optimum time. You'll find it's quick and easy to analyse response patterns, because we’ve designed these reporting tools with marketers in mind.

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